Ari Kestin


Ari Kestin

Job Title: CEO

Company: Nimber

Ari Kestin is a serial entrepreneur, CEO & co-founder of delivery platform Nimber. A graduate of Duke University with a degree in comparative area studies, Ari launched his first venture straight out of university and then went on to create and scale technology and communication companies across the US, Europe and Middle East, including one of the first-ever Mobile Virtual Network Operators. Ari is a passionate manager with consistent success growing technology-based businesses, proficient in operations, turnarounds, start-ups and international business development. An energetic and focused entrepreneur whose leadership is driven by the creation of value and values. Married and father of four, Ari resides in Zurich Switzerland.

Speaking at the following:

Disruptive business models of the future: mutation, flexibility and resilience

How can you create and sustain resilience in your business model? Why and how can business and sustainability priorities be aligned in future models? Is there a way for established models to adapt and absorb a complete overhaul?