Dr Matt Collins


Dr Matt Collins

Job Title: Lecturer in breakthrough innovation, Cranfield Centre for Competitive Creative Design

Company: Cranfield University

Dr Matt Collins is a lecturer in breakthrough innovation within the Cranfield Centre for Competitive Creative Design (C4D) and has more than 25 years of design and innovation experience in industry, from transport and aerospace to consumer products and medical devices. He successfully ran his own design consultancy for 16 years before joining Cranfield in 2015. He co-invented the best-selling Gtech cordless floor sweeper and invented the highly successful Bosch PWB600 workbench. Matt leads the development of Cranfield’s ‘Breakthrough Innovation Lab’, which fuses cutting-edge research with advanced manufacturing technologies, to deliver breakthrough innovations for the university and its industrial partners.

Speaking at the following:

Panel questions and discussion: are we innovating away from sustainability as quickly as towards it?

How can you embed the culture of disruption in an established business? Are the aims of innovation and sustainability aligned?  

Benefits of open innovation

Open innovation for pre-competitive sector issues Breakthrough innovation exemplified Technology road mapping The machinery of collaborative research funding