Ursula Mathar


Ursula Mathar

Job Title: VP sustainability and environmental protection

Company: BMW Group

Ursula Mathar is the BMW Group head of sustainability & environmental protection. She is responsible for the company’s sustainability strategy and the steering of sustainability and environmental protection management. Ursula Mathar is a member of the BMW Sustainability Board and the BMW Sustainability Circle. She holds a business degree and a pharmacist license. Before joining the BMW Group in 2012, she worked for Bayer AG in marketing and sustainability functions.

Speaking at the following:

Sustainability innovation – impact at scale

Recognising future trends and taking the time to implement them well Developing and deploying advanced technology at scale Partnering internally and externally to make things happen

Panel questions and discussion: are we innovating away from sustainability as quickly as towards it?

How can you embed the culture of disruption in an established business? Are the aims of innovation and sustainability aligned?