Daan Elffers

Job Title: Founder

Company: Islamic Reporting Initiative

Drs Daan Elffers is the Founder of the Islamic Reporting Initiative (IRI). A passionate believer in the potential of corporate sustainability and social responsibility/ CSR in the Islamic world, Elffers launched the not-for-profit organization in 2015 as the first SMART, integrated, culturally-responsive and impact-oriented CSR reporting framework based on Islamic principles and values. Commended by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) the initiative has the potential to be of immediate benefit to organisations in more than 50 countries. As the chief executive of leading international CSR advisory firm EMG Group, Elffers has extensive experience working directly with businesses, governments and non-profit organisations worldwide. Named one of the ‘100 Most Talented Leaders in CSR’ by the World CSR Day organisation, Elffers holds a degree from the Rotterdam School of Management and is on the CSR Expert Panel for the Department of Business Economics at Erasmus University in the Netherlands. For more information, see

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