Katie Buchanan

Job Title: Head of sustainability

Company: Virgin Media

Katie is head of sustainability & reporting at Virgin Media. Working closely with key partners around the business, she is responsible for providing Virgin Media with clear guidance on how they can minimise their impact on the environment, work more closely with their suppliers to ensure they meet appropriate standards and deliver a focused strategy around workplace practices.

Katie has also led the company’s new corporate programme, ‘our digital future’, which sets out to explore what the people of Britain think about their increasingly digital lifestyles. This is seen as the start of a longer-term commitment to enable digital consumers everywhere to get the best out of the internet and digital technology. The conversation is – as you’d expect – being facilitated online, at ourdigitalfuture.co.uk and everyone is invited to share their views on the website or by tweeting @vmdigitalfuture or #ourdigitalfuture.

Katie also heads up the ongoing development of the company’s sustainability website – www.virginmedia.com/sustainability – and other reporting activities.

Prior to joining Virgin Media, Katie worked for a sustainability communications agency and holds a management degree from The University of Southampton.

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