Sabine Content

Job Title: Head of corporate & stakeholder relations

Company: GRI

As deputy director of corporate & stakeholder relations, Sabine is responsible for corporate engagement, as well as raising awareness and building relationships between GRI and key partner organisations and stakeholders. This includes the Organisational Stakeholders Programme, GRI’s core network of supporters, made up of more than 600 organisations in more than 60 countries. The corporate & stakeholder relations department brings together a worldwide network of companies and organisations committed to GRI’s mission to empower decision-makers everywhere through its sustainability standards and multi-stakeholder network, to take action towards a more sustainable economy and world.

Sabine is from the Netherlands and worked for more than 15 years in the international apparel and textiles industry. This work motivated Sabine to contribute to a world where creating financial value goes hand-in-hand with safeguarding the environment and societies.

Speaking at the following:

Questions and panel discussion: what comes first: framework or strategy?

Making sense of priorities Aligning sustainability agendas with the SDGs How are new platforms bringing organisations together? Session speakers to be joined by:

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