BAT 2014

Verity Lawson

Job Title: Senior international sustainability manager

Company: British American Tobacco

Verity has over seven years’ experience working CSR and sustainability. At BAT she is responsible for all aspects of the Group’s sustainability reporting, communications and submissions to indices. She also leads the Group’s formal stakeholder dialogue programme and corporate social investment strategy, as well as the development of the Group’s sustainability strategy.

BAT has a long-standing reputation in for sustainability. It has been in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 13 years and is currently industry leader. The Group has also received notable external recognition for its activities, including from Transparency International, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the Corporate Register Reporting Awards.

Speaking at the following:

Panel discussion: engendering trust through reporting transparently

How can you optimise processes such as assurance – if you can’t trust us, trust the process? What is the best way to be transparent about areas where you are not performing as well? How to get risk averse internal stakeholders onboard?

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