Alice Ellison

Job Title: Head of environment

Company: British Retail Consortium

Alice Ellison is the head of environment for the BRC (British Retail Consortium) the lead trade association for retail.  The BRC works with its members to tell the story of retail, shape debates and influence issues and opportunities which will help make that positive difference. Alice’s remit includes carbon, water, waste, resource efficiency, climate change and A Better Retailing Climate (an initiative involving targets and commitments on the environment and sustainability agreed by BRC members). Alice is also a director on the Board of the On Pack Recycling Label (a labelling scheme which aims to help households recycle more material correctly, more often).

Speaking at the following:

Does the traditional retail model still work?

How is the retail model changing and what are the implications for responsible retail? Are retailers addressing the changing demands of their customers? How can retailers increase engagement with their consumers beyond purchasing?

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