It is more essential than ever that supply chain, sustainability and procurement professionals work together to ensure that progress does not stagnate or recede in a rapidly-changing political and economic climate.

The price versus sustainability conflict is being felt with varying degrees of pressure across every industry, and the potential risks of irresponsible procurement practices on business resilience and security of supply are wide-ranging. What’s more, the reputational risk associated with irresponsible procurement practices is being amplified through social media.

Realising the ambition of driving a sustainable supply chain and procurement model is both complex and challenging. Identifying and driving real change on material issues; formulating an ethical and responsible procurement strategy; communicating that strategy both internally and externally and embedding it into business as usual require true collaboration between procurement, supply chain and sustainability leaders.

Now in its sixth year, the edie Responsible Procurement & Supplier Engagement Conference has established itself as the leading event for procurement, supply chain and sustainability professionals across all industries.

With award-winning case studies and candid discussions, this CPD-certified conference will give you the tools you need to overcome the multifaceted challenges of changing your procurement culture to deliver a sustainable and ethical supply chain strategy.

Luke Nicholls,

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