Jez Cutler

Job Title: Head of environment & sustainability

Company: Travis Perkins

Jez has worked for the Travis Perkins Group for over 14 years and in that time held 4 different positions.  He started as the environmental products manager for Wickes where he first developed a taste for following timber products back to the source. In his current role as Head of Environment & Sustainability, Jez, oversees the largest chain of custody controls in Europe and concerns himself with the impact of international buying decisions on products with a resale value of nearly £6bn. Jez lives in London with his family but misses the country, where he would spend more time if he could.

Speaking at the following:

Delivering a values-based approach to supply chain communication

How to engage procurement teams best Using a values-based approach when working with suppliers Seeing growing trends in sustainability and urbanisation and what that means for the supply chain Resource issues in the supply chain – delivering a circular economy through big data

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